The ISOLUX® Advantage

ISOLUX® Arsenic Removal Systems are the clear choice for wholehouse, point-of-entry, shared wells and small water system applications.

product photo of three arsenic removal devices
man holding ISOLUX arsenic removal cartridge
ISOLUX cartridge
  • Simple, clean, user-friendly cartridge system.
  • No backwashing required or regeneration.
  • Removes both Arsenic III and Arsenic V simultaneously.
  • Convenient garbage can spent cartridge disposal.*
  • Simple to operate.
  • Turnkey kits for fast, easy installation.
  • Small footprints.
  • No need to tie into a drain or sewer system.
Unmatched Quality & Performance
  • Verified for Arsenic removal to non-detect (zero) level*.
  • Stainless Steel housings in seven standard sizes.
  • Custom engineered systems available to 600 gpm.
  • Zirconium filter media with an unparalleled non-leachable arsenic bond.
  • Non-toxic. Media passed USEPA TCLP and California Wet Tests*.
  • Media NSF 61 certified for drinking water use.
  • Imparts no odor, taste or color to water.
  • Won’t break small water system budgets.
  • No complicated maintenance requirements – Just periodic cartridge replacement one maintenance person can do themselves.
  • Excellent lifecycle costing. Removes arsenic – reliably – year after year.
  • No water wasted. No wastewater produced.

* Due to variances in influent water quality, users are urged to perform independent verification of the non-hazardous character of spent media cartridges. Additionally, some states may have disposal criteria different from Federal guidelines (TCLP).

NEW! 50 and 100 GPM Skids

two tank configuration
four tank configuration

ISOLUX® can help you meet environmental regulations and avoid fines. Call us today and let’s get started.