Arsenic Removal Media FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ISOLUX Arsenic Removal systems NSF 61 Certified?

ISOLUX® systems are NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certified as packages that include 304 stainless steel housings and stainless steel or polypropylene pre-filters. The ISOLUX® arsenic removal media and cartridge housings are NSF 61 certified by the media and cartridge manufacturers.

The pre-plumbed piping assemblies are custom built according to the needs of each application. However, we only use NSF 61 certified valves, meters and other components to ensure that each ISOLUX® system we build goes out the door 100% NSF 61 certified.

ISOLUX® 100 GPM Housing Skid with Pre-filter

What is Zirconium Hydroxide?

ISOLUX® Zirconium Hydroxide is an environmentally safe, highly efficient inorganic adsorption media designed specifically for the removal of arsenic from drinking water and process water streams.

It is the only arsenic removal media in the industry in powder form. Powder has much more surface area than granules. This gives Zirconium the ability to pull up 99% of the arsenic in a water stream in less than 30 seconds versus 3 to 5 minutes with granular medias. This fast uptake is precisely what makes the unique, no-backwashing, ISOLUX® cartridge technology possible.

Zirconium media photo
Zirconium Powder
Iron Oxide Granules
Iron Oxide Granules

Does ISOLUX® remove both forms of naturally occurring arsenic?

Yes.  ISOLUX® removes BOTH forms – Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (V) – simultaneously. Unlike all other arsenic removal media, pretreatment is not required for the removal of Arsenic (III).

How are ISOLUX® Arsenic Removal Systems constructed?

ISOLUX® Zirconium media is contained in a sealed cartridge that is 42″ long and 4.5″ in diameter.  The cartridges are installed in 304 or 316 stainless steel housings.  Different sized housings can hold a single cartridge or as many as 15 cartridges.  Water flows into the housing and then, under pressure, flows from the outside of the cartridge to an internal discharge tube in the center.

Is it difficult to install an ISOLUX® system?

No. It is a simple matter of the connection of the inlet and outlet. No drain lines or backwash connections are required. Furthermore, no electricity is needed required.  The ISOLUX® system arrives with pre-plumbed subassemblies and components.  Take a look at our ISOLUX® Assembly & Installation video.

Does ISOLUX® Zirconium media impart any odor or taste into the water?

No, the removal media does not change the taste of the water.   The ISOLUX® Zirconium media meets NSF/ANSI drinking water Standard 61which confirms the safety and quality of products in contact with drinking water.

How long will ISOLUX® cartridges media last?

The life of an ISOLUX® cartridge depends upon several factors:  water chemistry, pH, arsenic level and daily consumption.

Example:  A one cartridge POE unit on a 5 – 6 GPM well should last between one and two years.  Treated water testing will determine the appropriate change-out frequency.

How does a well's water chemistry impact ISOLUX®?

A water analysis which includes: arsenic, pH, iron, manganese, hardness, sulfate, phosphate, and sulfides is essential.  A complete water analysis that also includes silica, phosphate, vanadium, boron, fluoride along with standard drinking water criteria is preferred.

How can spent cartridges be disposed of?

In many cases spent ISOLUX® cartridges can be simply thrown in the garbage bin or landfill, however local disposal regulations MUST be reviewed and followed. Some localities will require a Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) test to determine if arsenic might leach into a landfill.  ISOLUX® has always passed every TCLP.  The Zirconium media forms an exceptionally tight covalent bond that requires extreme temperature and high pH to break.  For this reason it is impossible to regenerate the ISOLUX® media economically.


Must iron and manganese be removed before the ISOLUX® arsenic treatment?

All arsenic removal media require pretreatment to remove iron and manganese.  Not only do these elements stain household appliances, they also foul the media and reduce the productive life. ISOLUX® is no exception.

Does an ISOLUX® system need to be backwashed?

No. There is never a need to backwash or regenerate with the ISOLUX® cartridges.

Can ISOLUX® Arsenic Removal Systems be used in conjunction with an RO system or water softener?

Yes, however the softener or R/O must be located after the ISOLUX® arsenic removal system.

Is pH adjustment ever required?

ISOLUX® has a very wide operating pH range from 4.0 to 8.3.  While ISOLUX® is more tolerant of higher pH than other media, the higher pH values do reduce the productive life of the media.  At values above 8.5, pH reduction extends media life and reduces the system operating cost.

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pH wheel

How do I monitor for arsenic?

Any homeowner who tests their swimming pool water can test the performance of their arsenic removal system.  Kits are readily available on Amazon.  The alternative is to take a water sample to a commercial testing lab.  The cost of a test for a single element such as arsenic is usually in the range of $20.00.

How is ISOLUX® different than other arsenic removal systems?

The fine powder size of the Zirconium particles allows an exceptionally fast reaction time – 30 seconds versus 3 to 6 minutes for granular media.  The removal of arsenic is much more complete – usually non-detect to 2.0 PPB.  Granular media have a performance range of 4 to 8 PPB.

Sealed ISOLUX® cartridges allow system owners or maintenance people the opportunity to change the media out themselves, quickly and easily.  Bulk granular media requires a service call to evacuate the spent media and refill the housing.

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