Arsenic Removal Systems Resources

Pilot Programs

Pilot testing is available for complex water or as part of an engineering review. We are currently conducting ISOLUX® pilot programs across the United States. If you are interested in testing the ISOLUX® Zirconium water technology for your particular application, contact us for Pilot Test details.

Custom System Design

We strive to provide real, measurable, long term benefits to our customers with custom designed ISOLUX® arsenic treatment systems. Our technical team listens closely and looks at the whole system to respond with the exact set of systems features needed.

Engineering & Field Support

Commercial system Installation and start-up assistance is available, as well as owner operation and maintenance training. This provides you with the peace of mind that your ISOLUX® arsenic removal system will meet and exceed your expectations.

Water Analysis Review

It all begins with a test and complete analysis of your well water. Many factors can affect an arsenical removal media’s capacity in operation, including the pH of water, amount arsenic, and presence of other contaminants such as silica, vanadium or phosphorous, that can interfere with the arsenic removal process. A water analysis is used to correctly size the ISOLUX® system you will need and estimate cartridge media life. It will also determine if pre-filtering is required.

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