ISOLUX® Arsenic Removal Product Options

The unique, affordable ISOLUX® Arsenic treatment systems are available in five standard sizes, 5, 10, 15, 25 and 50 gpm, as well as in custom multi-unit skids for application up to 500 gpm, for a range of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications.

5 GPM Wholesale System

5 GPM Wholehouse System

10 GPM Point Of Entry System

The ISOLUX® 5 GPM and 10 GPM Point-Of-Entry (POE) systems are new, cost-effective wholehouse and light commercial arsenic removal solutions with user-friendly, easy to install cartridges in 304 stainless steel housings.

Using the patented Zirconium Adsorption Filter technology, ISOLUX® removes Arsenic III and Arsenic V simultaneously and reliably year after year and there’s no maintenance except for annual cartridge replacement which homeowners or facility managers can do themselves.

15 GPM Wholehouse System

25 GPM Commercial System

25 GPM Point Of Entry System

The ISOLUX® 15 GPM and 25 GPM Commercial Systems have proven ideal for many well-head and small water system applications.

ISOLUX® Commercial Arsenic Removal Systems come in turnkey kits for simple, fast installation. Since no wastewater is produced, there’s no need to tie into a drain or sewer system.

Backwashing isn’t required, and minimal maintenance beyond periodic cartridge replacement and water testing. Finally, once cartridges are replaced, spent ones can just be thrown in the garbage bin*.

50 GPM Central Treatment System

50 GPM Wholehouse System

300 GPM Modular Filter Housing Skid
100 GPM Modular Filter Housing Skid

Engineered Multi-Unit Skids

The ISOLUX® 50 GPM Central Treatment (CTS) units are competitively priced, self-contained, rapid deployment arsenic removal systems built specifically to address small water system challenges.

ISOLUX® CTS systems won’t impact existing operations or infrastructure, installation is quick and simple, and multiple units can be combined to accommodate a broad range of flow rate requirements up to 300 gpm.

ISOLUX® Custom Multi-Unit Filter Housing Skids are available for applications up to 500 gpm.  They are designed exclusively for ISOLUX® filter cartridges and NSF 61 certified Zirconium adsorption media, and can be built in either 304 or 316 stainless steel to address a variety of process fluids and operating conditions.

The modular configuration allows flexible layouts, small footprints and continuous operation during cartridge change-out. Each skid is sized and specifically built to closely match application requirements, and comes in complete turnkey packages ready to drop in for fast, simple installation.

* Due to variances in influent water quality, users are urged to perform independent verification of the non-hazardous character of spent media cartridges. Additionally, some states may have disposal criteria different from Federal guidelines (TCLP).

It all starts with a water analysis.

The answers to the questions listed on the ISOLUX® Water Sample Analysis Request form are necessary to evaluate ISOLUX® cartridge life for high flow rate systems.